23. August 2015

Xubuntu on MacBook Air


I’ve decided to ‘take the plunge’ and use my old trusty MacBook Air as a single boot Linux box. I got a shiny new MBA, so I figured it could be fun to go ahead and make a ‘beater’ machine out of my old one so I could toss in my bag and skate around town without worrying about ruining my sweet new laptop.

This is an overview of the things I did to get Xubuntu up and running in a workable fashion on my old MacBook Air (3,1).


27. February 2014

Stepping Up Your JS Skills

Lets say you’re a front-end developer that has historically worked on marketing sites. You can make dropdown menus, modal pop-ups, animate hover states, create slideshows, etc. jQuery, with its large base of plugins, is your best friend. You’ve never written a jQuery plugin and do not fully understand what they are and how they work within the terms of Javascript.


24. February 2014

The Free Mac Tools I Use Daily

These are the free Mac desktop tools I use daily for tasks like drafting blogs to managing servers and building apps.